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"Jenny and the entire Blushing Beauty team are wonderful! They are so versatile in their styling; whether a bride wants a natural style or glam look, I know Jenny and her team will deliver. Beauty trends change quickly and Jenny is so  diligent about staying up with trends and trying new things. She can do the most classic updo and nails it with trends like messy braids. 
As a wedding planner, it's so important to me that we stick to the timeline. Hair and makeup is how the wedding day starts, which means that it can easily be the reason why the rest of the day runs late. Jenny's crew is fantastic at staying on time and often finishes early. I never worry about timing when she's managing the hair and makeup and that is an incredible weight off my shoulders! From her professionalism to her artistry, I know my brides and their girls are in good hands with Blushing Beauty."
- Vanessa Vierra from VANESSA NOEL EVENTS